Statistically speaking, the Libertarian Party is under performing in New York. Places with half our city’s population have twice as many Libertarians as we do.

Building a party isn’t an easy task. How can we do it faster, better and cheaper than everyone else?


1. Intro

It Begins: A topic is a question or statement that emerges through the public polling and/or agency requests for feedback.  As a candidate, we present topics to learn what you want us to do. As the Public Advocate, we’ll perform this process monthly on topics chosen by the public.

2. Feedback

Week 1: The public is invited to share their opinion about the topic. You can make your own statement and you can agree or disagree with other people’s statements. As you participate online, you’ll be grouped with like-minded folks.

3. Meetup

Week 2: Like-minded groups of people emerge as online voting and discussion continues. As these groups become clear, we invite these people to gather in public places to arrive at statements of consensus.

3. Roundtable

Week 3: We produce an hour-long livestream broadcast of a town hall where experts respond to the most strongly-supported statements that emerged from the feedback session. We ask the audience to vote to see if their opinions have changed. We then create a video summary, explanatory blog post and release opinion data so people can come up to their own conclusions about what New Yorkers think.

4. Response

Week 4: We deliver this feedback to the appropriate city officials, record their responses to the feedback, and share those responses with the public via our website, social media and content partners.

5. Follow Up

Every Month: Every month we check back in with city officials to see if they have any updates they’d like to share with the public about this topic. The public can also vote to revisit the topic anytime via the topic’s page and start this cycle again. 






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