Everything you need to get our candidates on the ballot.

The Libertarian Party does not have automatic ballot access in New York State, which means that our candidates only get on the ballot if we can collect enough signatures. While the amount of signatures each candidate needs varies depending on the office they seek, in general we’ll need 1,000 signatures for City Council candidates and 6,000 for city-wide candidates.

That’s a lot of signatures. To achieve those numbers, we need your help!

The first thing to understand about petitioning is the petition. Each petition has multiple names of it. Every signature you receive goes to each of the candidates listed.

If a candidate is listed on a petition, and receives a signature that they aren’t eligible to receive, then the entire sheet can be considered fraudulent and thrown out. For example, a city council candidate can only receive signatures from people in their district, and borough presidents can only receive signatures from people in their borough. Thus, if you’re petitioning for candidates that aren’t citywide, you have to be very careful about who signs which petition. The most efficient thing to do is carry multiple petitions with you, and once you learn the address of the voter, you give them a petition most closely corresponds with their address.

If you’re petitioning for city-wide candidates, you can use this form, which anyone who votes in New York City can sign.

For candidate-specific forms, please download the forms associated with the candidates below.

Once you’ve filled out your petition sheets, you can submit them to the Libertarian Party in a number of ways:

  • Give them to the Libertarian candidate you’re supporting.
  • Bring them to an official Libertarian party meeting or event and hand them to a party chair.
  • Mail them to The Manhattan Libertarian Party, P. O. Box 1123, Liberty, NY 12754

Please submit petitions are regularly as possible so we have an accurate count of how many petitions we have.

Thank you for helping Libertarian candidates!

Great Places to Petition:

  • outside grocery stores and other places frequented by residents
  • on subway platforms (but NOT inside subways cars – that’s illegal)
Click the image to learn more about the physical petition document

The Candidates